I Always love to seek knowledge and keen to share it with almost everyone. I do search for many hours to gain knowledge as much as i can so that it benefits everyone.

Time is money and spending this time in gaining knowledge make it precious more then money.

so in this series of article i tried to share information regarding different games,origins and current scenario.

Cricket is my the most favorite game so that is why i kept it at first to be shared.

Cricket starts in 16th century in east England. Due to the huge impact  on locals cricket became the national game of England in 18th century.

in 1844 the first International Match was played between USA and Canada in Newyork.

In 1888 Australia toured England and won the series. Many Experts criticizes England’s game and named it as the death of cricket in England and decided to bury the ashes of England cricket body in Australia. This interesting event give birth to the most awaited and rivalry series between Australia and England as “The Ashes”.


Since the Origin of Cricket the matches were started As Test Matches but in 1960 first time the new idea of limited overs was introduced. Limited overs matches were very much popular amongst the people specially those who remains very much busy in daily routines and cannot wait for five days match.


After examining the great interest of people in one day matches the international cricket council decided to arrange a combine cricket tournament which was named as WORLD CUP. so the first World Cup held in 1975.

  1. 1st World Cup        Won by Westindies      Runner-up Australlia
  2.  2nd World Cup        Won by Westindies      Runner-up England
  3. 3rd World Cup        Won by India                  Runner-up West Indies
  4. 4rth World Cup        Won by Australlia         Runner-up England
  5. 5th World Cup        Won by Pakistan            Runner-up England
  6. 6th World Cup        Won by Sri Lanka           Runner-up Australlia
  7. 7th World Cup        Won by Australlia           Runner-up Pakistan
  8. 8th World Cup        Won by Australllia          Runner-up India
  9. 9th World Cup        Won by Australlia            Runner-up Sri Lanka
  10. 10th World Cup        Won by India                  Runner-up Srilanka


    t20-20 Format originated when england arrange county matches in wales. so from their the idea arises and the shortest format was introduced in 2003.


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